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MakerFaire NYC 2013 : part 2 of 2

Continuing the pictures from the previous post.. Advertisements

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MakerFaire NYC 2013

Went to MakerFaire in New York this past weekend. This is my 4th year going and, as always, it was pretty awesome. I went both days – Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was mostly walking around randomly; Sunday was picture day. … Continue reading

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.NET Gadgeteer + Lady Ada(fruit) = blinky goodness!

I took last Friday off and, since I didn’t really feel like working on any of the 97 side-projects I should be working on, I messed around with one I felt like working on. In particular, a digital-addressable RGB LED strip … Continue reading

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Some guy with cancer…

Bit more serious than normal for me… I’m now working for guy named Joe Graves and Joe’s got cancer. He just started radiation and chemo is coming soon. It sounds like the prognosis is very good but he’s got a … Continue reading

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Ultimaker FAQ: but what about the quality of prints?

A lot of the press that Ultimaker has gotten has been about the crazy speeds these machines can print at. That press is pretty well-deserved, IMO, because they can indeed move very, very fast. Scary fast. That kind of press … Continue reading

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MakerFaire NYC

Back from MakerFaire NYC! Drove down from the Boston area for the weekend and had much fun. My stoopid camera was acting up and I lost a bunch of pictures. There are a bazillion others on the net anyway though … Continue reading

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GHI goes Gadgeteer…

.NET Gadgeteer was probably the thing I was most excited about at MakerFaire NYC last year. They had some demo/proto kits out and were letting people play around with it. I wanted to mess with them too but there were … Continue reading

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