Hiya. Dave Durant and his blog here.

The blog is mostly for my adventures with 3D printing – currently rocking an Ultimaker. You feed plastic in, point it at a 3D image file and a real, physical thing comes out. How cool is that? (answer: pretty damn cool)

Also found here, someday, maybe, might include posts about where I work, Stratus Technologies. We make ultra high-availability computers with better than 99.999% uptime without all that clustering crap that frequently comes with high availability – your software (or somebody elses!) doesn’t even need to know we’re there, it just runs. I’m a software engineer at Stratus and work on our Windows system management code. We also run Red Hat, VMWare and VOS, our proprietary, built-from-day-1-for-FT operating system.

I’ll probably also blog about stuff that annoys me on occasion.


2 Responses to About

  1. Ryan Gibson says:

    Hi Dave,

    Great blog. Really love your content. Do you have a email I can grab you on? I have a few questions i’d like to ask you.


    • Dave Durant says:

      Hiya Ryan,

      I get a scary number of messages like this from spammers & bots. You don’t look like a spammer or a bot but my standard answer is to find me on the ultimaker or makerbot google group and email me from there..

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