MakerFaire NYC 2013 : part 2 of 2

Continuing the pictures from the previous post..

Lumi is interesting stuff – basically allows you to take a picture and transfer it to a tshirt, or anything made of fabric, I guess. Their site at explains it better..

IMG_0451 The Printrbot folks. That’s one tiny printer.. IMG_0452 Shields from Wayne and Layne. They’ve got a couple nice ones, including “blinky POV” (where POV is that visual effect where spinning LEDs flashing at just the right times make it look like a picture) IMG_0453
Once again, the lock picking class was full of little kids learning to pick locks. I see this every year and every year it amazes me that parents are (apparently) eager for the little ones to learn this skill.. IMG_0458 Spinbots.. Load them up with pens – they’ll wiggle around and make interesting patterns.. I liked that you could buy the kit there, assemble it there, test it there with the help of people that work there, then take it home once it’s done. IMG_0457 Sigh.. Another attempt to get near the Ultimaker 2, this time inside the MakerShed. This is about as close as I got. IMG_0455TinyDuino. The picture and name pretty much says it all – these things are indeed very tiny.. IMG_0454 Makers Toolbox.. I love the Scribbler for some reason – I’m tempted to buy 20, load them up with chalk and release them onto the sidewalk outside. The contraption on the left is sortofa car with a wing and 2 propellers – neat little toy.

Closer look at some of the instruments mentioned on the previous post.. IMG_0461 Laser cutting services.. IMG_0462 I’m not sure what the deal with the “photobooth” was. Seems like there must have been more to it than just getting your picture taken but I did not investigate.. IMG_0465 Coffee making robot! IMG_0466Police making their way through the crowd. I think I took this more to show the typical crowd scene than the police car.. IMG_0469 Will work for food! Very strange. Basically, if I remember this correctly, it put humans through get-food like tasks that cats normally do to get food. I don’t remember what, if any, food it gave to the people that participated but lots of folks seemed to enjoy it and it was a very professional looking setup.  I didn’t notice until seeing the picture here but this was apparently sponsored by Purina – looks like you can find more info via a google of “purina diycat” IMG_0468Lego makers.. Possibly my only Tardis picture, which is sorta sad.. Also just noticed the HandiBot (the new, portable ShopBot) ad on the lightpost, far right – nice. IMG_0467 Big red.. IMG_0470 Microsoft seems to be taking MakerFaire a bit more seriously. A few shots of their always-crowded tent here. They were talking about maybe 5-6 different big projects.. Yes, the robots did actually box – notice the 2 monitors to the right with the Kinect’s on top.. IMG_0471 IMG_0472 IMG_0473 The Learn-to-Solder tent. This year sponsored by Radio Shack. I’m tempted to express my feelings about Radio Shack but they sponsored MakerFaire so I’ll shut up. Notice the age of some of the people learning to solder.. If you think your kid is too young, you are almost definitely wrong. IMG_0478 Another 360 panorama.. I sorta see the show as split into 45% grassy knoll, 45% tents-on-pavement and 10% other. This is tents-on-pavement. IMG_0476 Another from the Microsoft tent, this time .NET Gadgeteer toys.. All sorts of sensors and inputs and displays and such, as well as various mainboards. The guy at the booth is apparently a home brewer – he was quite excited about the Ph & temperature sensor and one of the gas sensors. IMG_0475 Another panorama, looking back across the tents-on-pavement part of the Faire. You can see the big tents from the picture above off in the distance on the right side of this one.. IMG_0480 Makerbar! What a most awesome idea.. IMG_0481 Sadly, I’m not surprised this didn’t come out at all. It’s spinny LED strips used to do a POV type globe display. Looked nice in person, hard to take a picture of.. Hit up google for “orbital rendersphere” and you will find details and maybe a video. IMG_0484 Origami stuff, which I didn’t get a chance to check out. I just now realize they’re home boys from here in the Boston area – now I really wish I’d stopped by and chatted. IMG_0486 DIY action figures… As I look at this picture, I don’t have specific memories but think I’m really understating the display. I have vague memory of thinking she really knew what she was talking about.. IMG_0488 Calculator hacking & networking.. IMG_0489 EFF!! SUPPORT! CONTRIBUTE! IMG_0491 Fat Cat? Not sure what they were showing off here.. IMG_0492 Another I’m not sure about. I think he mostly had lots of spare parts to random machines and was making.. er.. art? Something like that – I don’t think it was functional things being assembled. IMG_0493This guy was talking about chain mail. I think he was actually assembling this mail you can see on the table. Neat. IMG_0494Big honkin’ blinky display, front and back.. IMG_0495 IMG_0496I was psyched to see Pensa and their DIWire there – their new wire bending machine looks very nice & professional. I’d really like one of these machines and was quite happy to hear them talk about an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Then I heard the price: $3000. Sorry guys – I’d love one but that’s just not happening.. IMG_0499 IMG_0500 Girls wearing next-to-nothing 3D printed stuff. Yep.  Check them out – cool stuff. IMG_0501Similar but not clothes, there were more than a few places that were selling or just showing their designs. Some of these printed on high-end machines..

IMG_0505 IMG_0504 IMG_0503

B9Creator was there, of course, with their very-high-resolution DLP resin printer. Hard to get even this close to their booth.


I didn’t see nearly as many delta printers this year as last year. Last year, it seemed like these were the future, both because they look super cool when they’re printing and because it seems like you can add a lot of Z to them for relatively little price – far less than it costs to add height to a Cartesian bot. The whole thing seemed like a great idea. I’m not sure what, if anything, happened. Maybe they were there and I just didn’t notice them..


T Max. Some nice features but $2200..


There were at least a few folks doing custom and/or 3D-printed action figures..



Vader.. They told me it was a liquid metal printer, which was in the news earlier this year and I am slightly suspicious of – seems like it’s more for printing art than, say, structural stuff but maybe I just don’t get it. Either way, I was excited to hear this because it’s new so I looked inside the hole on top and.. It’s totally empty. Just a shell. NYI. Worth keeping an ear open for but I think these guys have a ways to go.

IMG_0512This guy on the right seems displeased with.. uh.. somebody behind me? I have no idea why.


John Abella, caught in a rare moment of not smiling. John’s been the organizer of the 3D Printer Village at all the NYC MakerFaires. He recently started, which you should definitely check out if you’re thinking about building a 3D printer and are in the Deleware area. You could do far, far worse than have John walk you though the process..


Andrew Plumb, aka Clothbot, a MakerFaire fixture.


Simplify3d. They make slicing software which you can buy for US$125. I haven’t checked it out but I’m pretty tempted. Earlier this year (or was it last year?) MakerGear teamed up with them and now offer this software in a bundle with their very nice M2 printer. As much as I like Cura from Ultimaker, I’d like access to ALL the settings and think this software may do that. Tempted..


I don’t remember the name of this but it’s a ginormous 3D printer based on v-slot extrusions from I think that’s an Ultimaker RAMPS board on there, too – I know I saw that Ultimaker was sponsoring this printer. I heard that it was moving if not printing but I didn’t get to see it – still pretty early and they’d just gotten it working. Not sure what the actual build volume is but this thing is quite large.. (also, that guy in the orange shirt is missing a leg. not, I suspect, in real life – just in this picture. sorta freaking me out)

IMG_0522I know Boston homeboy Jeff Keegan was there but I didn’t see him..


Wally, Simpson and Morgan – very cool additions to the RepRap clan.. showing off their nice toys – IIRC, that’s a plasma cutter in the foreground.


The Craw!! Actually, I have no idea what this was named..


Finally, I get close to an Ultimaker2 for a minute..


I think the first thing I asked when I saw it was “where’s the filament drive??” The visible portion is about 1/10th the size of the filament drive on my Ultimaker 1. Most is cleverly hidden inside the machine and it makes for a much cleaner look. IMG_0538

Luis Rodriguez, on the right, with (IIRC) Sander van Geelen from Ultimaker on the left.

Luis is a MakerFaire staple – always good to see him.


And one with Joergen Geerds.. Sorry, Joergen, I got 2 pictures with you in them and this is by far the best.. :\

You all should check out Joergens gear at , especially the videos under News. Very, very cool stuff. You can see the Deezmaker/Bukobot guys right next door.


Erik de Bruijn, one of the Ultimaker co-founders. I also got to chat with co-founder Martijn Elserman but he escaped my camera.


A look inside this tent.. Ultimaker was just inside the tent, which is really a great place to be – after you get about 10 feet inside, it becomes completely and insanely crowded. This picture doesn’t even come close to showing how crowded it is..


Not seen before, not by me anyway, were good old high quality hand tools, which I thought was pretty cool. There were a couple of them there and I hope to see them in the future..



Sugru! Great stuff. If you’re reading this blog you likely already know about Sugru. If you don’t know about it, ask Google then go buy some. Great stuff, fun people to talk to at the booth.


Form1 goobot.. Drool…

I’ve thought, several times, about getting one of these – FDM machines just can’t touch the goo printers on resolution – but the prices are still a bit silly, IMO, and the build areas are a still a bit too small.


And, last, the Handibot from ShopBot. The video pretty much says it all – plop it down on a work surface, say go, wait a minute, rinse, repeat.

So… That’s it for my pictures of MakerFaire:NYC 2013 – I’d say this is maybe 1/2 to 2/3rds of the whole show. It’s really big and lots of fun, every year. If I missed your picture, don’t be offended – I’m pretty horrible with cameras for some reason..

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