Some guy with cancer…

Bit more serious than normal for me…

I’m now working for guy named Joe Graves and Joe’s got cancer. He just started radiation and chemo is coming soon. It sounds like the prognosis is very good but he’s got a difficult road ahead.

Joes attitude towards this is really amazing. We get funny stories (and pictures, which, to be honest, sorta freak me out) about the “Hannibal Lecter mask” (his words!) that holds his head steady during radiation treatments and about the fun times he’s got coming once the treatments ramp up and.. well.. it just goes on and on. And it goes on in good nature and with humor and with strength I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have.

Anyway, here’s a link to his blog about this process which you might find informative, amusing, uplifting, inspiring and/or terrifying:

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One Response to Some guy with cancer…

  1. deb says:

    Am going thru this w a good friend, too – but we’re on round 5 of chemo. A hell of a ride…
    We should talk some time.

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