MakerFaire NYC

Back from MakerFaire NYC! Drove down from the Boston area for the weekend and had much fun.

My stoopid camera was acting up and I lost a bunch of pictures. There are a bazillion others on the net anyway though so no huge loss, I guess.. Here’s some random (and not-so-random) ones with what my still-sake-soggy-brain can remember.

Both Erik de Bruijn and Martijn Elserman from Ultimaker showed up and brought a few bots with them, including an Ultimaker+, which you can (mostly) see below.

Martijn can be seen on the right and the “holy crap” looks on the other people in the picture are pretty typical of those who visited – this bot’s just insane, combining the general awesomeness of the Ultimaker with a crazy build volume. The orange thing on the kids arm is a single print and I don’t think it maxed out the Z axis. Yoiks.

Erik (blue coat) made it into this one:

Fellow Ultimaker driver Bradley came by with his son Theo and their bot. There seemed to be a steady stream of girls stopping and asking questions, which Theo seemed to be ok with..

Right across the isle was John Abella, organizer of the 3d Printer Village. Here’s John fending off yet another crowd of girls. He looks like he’s growing tired of that.. (note to John’s wife: kidding!)

Also at the Village was notorious ham Luis Rodriguez, with a couple Makerbots:

Josef Prusa was in the Village too – nice to finally meet him, though he had no idea who I was. That’s a MakerGear Prusa in front of him..

Sadly, Rick from MakerGear didn’t make it to MakerFaire this year. His new Mosaic machine did, though. Biggest surprise for me was how small this machine actually is – it’s tiny, even though it’s got a 5x5x5″ build area. I wasn’t able to get as close a look at it as I’d have liked but it did seem very neat and sturdy – unsurprising coming from MakerGear.

A closer look at the Mosaics top:

Sam Cervantes was right there too, with his new ultra-tiny SoliDoodle; 4x4x4″ build area, assembled, US$700. It’s got sortofa similar style setup to an Ultimaker but not quite the same – another one I wish I’d gotten a closer look at..

MakerBot was, of course, there in force. They had a track set up for turtle racers and were doing regular runs, complete with a play-by-play on a PA system. I didn’t get to see an actual race – too crowded! – but the track looked pretty cool:

Ultimachine was there. Got to meet Johnny and company but didn’t get pictures – they setup their table and ran off to enjoy the show – smart! (I didn’t steal any PLA off your table guys, honest!)

Outside the 3D Printer Village area was 3D Systems, who seems to be on a bit of a buying spree lately, and a big setup. Quite crowded there and I didn’t get many pictures. I did get a shot of what is probably the biggest Gothic Cathedral Playset in existance, though:

AtFAB, an open source system for making furniture with CNC-type machines, had a nice display:

Bare Conductive, makers of conductive ink: (their website shows a MakerFaire Editors Choice award – congrats!). I didn’t get too much info here but chatted for a bit with Jordan Miller about them. He was quite impressed and was going to get some of their product – write it up, Jordan!

This guy had hair funky enough for me to take a picture. He turned just as I was taking the picture – the hair’s got to be over 2 feet wide. I’m not used to the city, I guess..

I later learned (saw) that he had some funky shoes, too. Here’s Dave from SparkFun Electronics trying them on. If you’re a fan of SFE’s Friday New Product Videos, you’ll know Dave has a similar role as Kenney on South Park. He seemed to do ok with the funky shoes, though..

Waaay over on the other side of the show was PVC Bendit, a pretty interesting system for bending PVC tubing. The setup on the left was sortofa water sprinkler deal – lots of small holes drilled and a water hookup – which I’m sure every kid in the place would have flocked to, if MakerFaire was held a month earlier..

Very cool sculpture, “Braindrop”, by Kate Raudenbush. Check out her website..

I don’t know what this is but I want one:

Sorta similar, I don’t know what these things are and am not sure I want them but they look interesting.. What do you get when you cross a circular saw blade, a CNC machine and some bit of electronics with very large capacitors? Dunno but want to see it (from a distance) plugged in and switched on..

Yet another thing I want, though I’m not sure exactly what it is. The circular center part is a big fan – I’m sure it’s meant to fly. It’s got warning labels on it, so you know it’s good.

From the “I don’t care what it gets for gas milage, I’m not taking that on the highway” category: (but cool anyway)

The number of kids that were really engaged with all this stuff was both surprising and encouraging.. It seemed like every display that had stuff kids could poke at or mess with had a crowd of kids poking and messing with it – even things like the soldering classes seemed to be filled mostly with kids. Cool.

Some future architects:

…and some at a lock picking class. I can’t help but wonder at the parental thought process that signs the little ones up for a lock picking class but, well, to each their own.

I’d say “that’s about it” but that’s really only about 2% of it. That’s all I’ve got, though.

(actually one more bit.. Had one of the best meals ever Friday night at a place called Mr. Robata, just north of Times Square, so here’s a shout out to them. A bit higher-end but if you’re a fan of Japanese food and are in the area, check them out. I’ll definitely be going back, next time I’m in NYC.)

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5 Responses to MakerFaire NYC

  1. Florian says:

    Such a nice summary for somebody who’s never been there! Good to match some faces to names you’ve heard before a lot. Thanks!

    “I wasn’t able to get as close a look at it as I’d have liked” – you can’t ever get close enough 😉

    Cheers, Flo

  2. Nice coverage. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Uwe says:

    Thank you for the report, Would have loved to be there, but I’m much too far away.

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  5. Ian says:

    great text and photos.
    thank you.
    maybe the guys in germany could put some thing like this together in berlin.
    would be really cool

    thanks again and best wishes from Leipzig, Germany.

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