MakerGear announces new 3D printer: the Mosaic

Rick Pollack announced it last night. Preorder now with 5-7 week lead time..

There’s a base model for US$799 which includes:
– RAMPS (unassembled)
– MakerGear stepper extruder (3mm or 1.75mm)
– About 5x5x5 inch build platform (~127mm)
– Much slippery mechanical goodness via bearings and PTFE coatings
– UP! style X/Y/Z axis arrangement
– No power supply?

Then there’s a Plus version for $999 which adds to the base model:
– Assembled RAMPS
– More filament (variety pack type deal)
– Power supply

Note that these are just the bits that caught my eye. Visit for actual & official details.

I’m a little bit surprised at the UP!-style design, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing – it’s just different than I expected, based on meeting Rick at MakerFaire NYC last year and chatting about some ideas.

MakerGear has a very solid (and deserved, IMO!) reputation of building high-quality gear and offering unmatched levels of service. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to order a MakerGear Mosaic but it’s something I’m definitely going to keep an eye on…

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17 Responses to MakerGear announces new 3D printer: the Mosaic

  1. Brian says:


    You got a bug!? You say, “I’m not sure yet if I’m going to order a MakerGear Mosaic …” and you haven’t really even got the Ultimaker together/printing for a week. Yet?

    There is a group for 3D printer addicts beginning. I think most may have received their Ultimakers to co-print in their printer farms of RepRap, Cupcake, T-O-M, Repstrap and many have just bought – MakerBot T-shirts.

    [P.S. I’m shaking and on the edge. I have a T-O-M with design ideas and gear collecting but … I just …. I can’t …. I … just don’t know…..]

  2. Dave Durant says:

    LOL.. No.. No bug..

    One of my biggest reasons for getting the Ultimaker was the build volume. If the new MakerGear box was bigger, I’d be very, very tempted to get one, even though I’ve got the Ultimaker (this is not a con for Ultimaker – it’s a pro for MakerGear).

    MakerGear’s worked hard for their sterling reputation and I’ve always been very happy with the things I’ve gotten from them. If I decide that I still also need a smaller printer, I may well go for a 100% MakerGear model instead of reviving my Cupcake. Or if Rick comes out with a bigger one, I’ll definitely be taking a close look at that.

    I don’t mind (for now) getting a new machine every now-and-then to keep up with the tech or make my printing life easier – there’s still a lot of progress being made in these areas and reliability is going to play an increasingly big part in decisions about where I spend my money.

  3. Brian says:

    Well, I’m sorry to bug you. You are the only one that I can directly contact (so far) that got the Ultimaker.

    How is it? Does it print? What are the problems other than a few parts missing. Do I dream about it or the 3D Systems – BfB printer? I’m in the Pitts – You are in Maine? Wanna start a bot boutique? Multi-locations and hit this Fad early?

    So, how is the Ultimaker…. 😉


    • Dave Durant says:

      > Well, I’m sorry to bug you

      No worries. I really haven’t had that much time on the Ultimaker yet – I’ve literaly only printed 4x 20mm blocks with it since I powered it on.. They came out ok, I guess – certainly better than anything my Cupcake did during it’s first few months – but I know the machine can do a lot more.

      For problems, the Y axis seems a little sticky for some reason I haven’t figured out yet. X and Z are smooth but if I move Y by hand, I can feel a couple spots where it’s got more resistance. This feels like something is out of round but I haven’t spotted what’s causing it yet. It’s not a huge thing but I’d like to get it sorted before I really start pushing the bot.

      I’m also getting small pauses in the middle of printing, which keeps me from really focusing on getting the feed/flow correct.. If I make those totally correct the pauses will cause blobs, which I really don’t want. I don’t know if this is a new PC or that I’ve gone from XP to Win7 x64 or that there’s something up with the firmware/repg that’s causing it.

      But, again, I’ve really just had time to print a small handful of 20mm cubes so far. Once I get some time to really focus on it for a bit, I’m sure I’ll get around these issues..

      This is all printing at the “slow” high-quality speed of only 50mm/second, BTW.. 😀

      • Olle Tyrland says:

        Hi Dave!

        We have just finished building our Ultimaker and are thrilled to see the results of it! Still struggling with Skeinforge to get the perfect settings, but we’re getting there. Especially when we have people like you blogging frequently; a great help! Thanks!

        About your sticky Y axis, I might be able to give you some info that could be helpful.
        We had the same problem (either X or Y, can’t remember which), one axis seemed to give more resistance when trying to move it manually. After fiddling with trying to get everything exactly orthogonal (which was indeed a good excersice as well), we opened up the outer wooden caps to get a closer look at the bearing inside.
        Woah, instantly the rod was easier to move!
        It turned out that that bearing wasn’t pushed in far enough. It is very important that the bearings for the rods do not protrude externally _at all_, otherwise they might rub against the outer caps.
        If you haven’t already done it, try opening your caps and feel the difference (before and after).

        Keep writing good articles, Dave!


      • Dave Durant says:

        Thanks, Olle!

        I thought I had everything nice and square but I guess not. I ended up losening the pulleys and just moving the extruder block back and forth on that axis a bunch of times. Re-tightened up the pulleys and it’s fine now! Apparently, they’ll settle to the path of least resistance. 🙂

        The small pauses seemed to be mostly caused by having “monitoring temperature during build” enabled in repg. Turning that off seemed to help a lot, though it’s not perfect yet..

        Progress continues…

  4. Brian says:

    Hmmm… 50mm for v.1 out of the box and not even dialed in. Not bad.

    Say, I’m working on This seems like it would be a good use to build test something and have a fun toy after. Rather than a pile of cubes. It is the Mecahnum wheel and the rollers make a very good quasi test when made hollow. — Maybe I just don’t know what to do with the cubes….

    Someone tonight in the groups is talking about a blob. He had a picture and it looked like a pause blob. I do not remember what his system was.

    Anyway — thanks for the feed back.

    • Dave Durant says:

      Blobs are a common symptom that can happen for a variety of reasons.. It’s still early so I’m not worried about them. Yet. 🙂

      The Mecanum wheels are pretty cool but I like doing the cubes because they slice and print very quickly, which are both nice things when you’re getting dialed in.

  5. Aljosa says:

    I think I can raise my hand in the I have a bug club. I started out by debating about the ToM vs Ultimaker. I eventually went with the ToM mostly because there local here where I live (literally 3 blocks away) and the community it had with it. A few weeks later I put the UM on pre order. Mine is in the next batch to ship. I have to say I’m glad I went with the ToM first. Its been a fantastic experience from the get go. The first print I made had the Z height to high but after that it was printing fantastic for out of the box un tweaked. Of course with my tweaking I have brought it to a completely different level.

    I have already started printing Prusa Mendel parts that I will be slapping a MBI electronics and extruder set too. After that’s done I will definitely be building an Orca as I think its a pretty good step forward over Mendel.

    Thats going to be 4 machines within not even a span of half a year. Yeah I think I just might have a bug.

  6. Brian says:

    So – NY will be first in 3D printing with the awesome Cupcake & TOM with the numbers of users and the others. Then you guys in the Far East U.S coast will be first in psychology support for the botaholics. Too Funny!

  7. Dave Durant says:

    Wow.. Aljosa has definitely caught something! 🙂

  8. Aljosa says:

    Yeah I definitely do and I’m dying to get my hands on the Ultimaker. Can’t wait to start working with that machine.

  9. Buck says:

    Dave – I’m a newbie to this topic, but observations like yours about Rick and his operation helped me decide to start with the Mosaic. Thanks for the info!

  10. Dave Durant says:

    Glad I could help, Buck!

    Of course you’ve going to have to get your own blog once you get a printer.. 🙂

  11. Buck says:

    Update: My Mosaic is assembled and functional. Next step: print, calibrate, repeat. Cheers!

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