WordPress: Destroyer of Hope

And I say that, “destroyer of hope,” in the nicest possible way. I appreciate WP giving me some free web space where I can rant. Thanks, you jerks.

WordPress, if you didn’t know, is the host/software of this here blog.

If you have a WordPress blog, they give you some nifty stats and such about search terms that end up here and page hits and stuff like that. My blog gets a fairly steady number of hits. Not great, not horrible. If I write about stuff people actually care about, it goes up. If I don’t, it doesn’t. I get paid the same ($0) either way so I tell myself I don’t worry about it, even a little.

Anyway, today, I see this:

Holy crap! Look at that spike today on the right! I’m popular!! It’s about time all you godless heathens started paying attention.

Yeah. Hovering my mouse over that spike and I see a different picture..

You jerks.

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3 Responses to WordPress: Destroyer of Hope

  1. Woofpickle says:

    Don’t worry, we all still follow you closely.

    (now post some more!!)

  2. Uwe Schmidt says:

    At least there were some readers. I think this joke may be harder to swallow for someone who just started it’s blog.

    But as Woofpickle said – post more and we will read more. 🙂

  3. Brian says:

    Dave, This is towards your fame — U Not old enough to know? – “What – Me Worry?”

    Side from a reader —- What about the Ultimaker????

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