Ultimaker pre-order open!

I’m floored that this isn’t getting more press. Really.

Looks like things are coming together for Erik and company – they’re now taking pre-orders for their Ultimaker 3D printer!!

I got to meet Erik and see this printer at Botacon, back in December, and was really quite impressed. It looks very clean. It moves at speeds that border on psychotic. It’s got more than twice as much room on X/Y/Z than my trusty old Cupcake does (aka: +8x build volume) but the machine itself is only a little bit bigger.

I’m a little nervous about the lack of a heated platform. I’m not too, too worried, though – I expect that either the Ultimaker people will have one before too much longer or that something like the one that MakerGear has on their Prusa will work on it.

Also nervous that the Ultimaker is fed by a Bowden cable.. It’ll be interesting to see how well that deals with ooze.

Even with those (potential) issues, this thing still seems like it’s going to be a monster. I’m excited.. 🙂

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11 Responses to Ultimaker pre-order open!

  1. MakerBlock says:

    I think Erik tends to print in PLA which doesn’t have the warping issues of ABS. His prints had surprisingly little ooze for a Bowden cable setup. Perhaps at those speeds there isn’t much of an opportunity to ooze?

    • Dave Durant says:

      That, printing at silly speeds, seems to be what they’re saying..

      Have you seen this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1KVvViWnDo . Not sure if it’s ABS or PLA but the point is that if you set your travel feed rate to 400 mm/second (!!!!!), it doesn’t have the chance to ooze.

    • robin says:

      I’ve seen some prints by the ultimaker on Monday (last day of the protospace build courses) and met Erik. and the way he knew that something was printed by an ultimaker was that there was a small ridge where the next layer begins each time as than the tool head is stationary for a moment before it starts on the next layer…

      that would indicate some ooze, but i don’t know whether the sw is already compensating for this.

      • Dave Durant says:

        I (and, I think, most people) have seen similar ridges on the output of MakerBots and other machines – they all suffer from it, in some way..

        Part of this is due to the way the slicing software works and the way it joins the outer perimeter with the inner loops/fill. It’s hard to explain but easy to see – check out http://www.flickr.com/photos/52118225@N08/5468472093/ .

        I wonder if commercial FDM machines have this issue and, if not, how they solved it. It seems like it might be a tricky problem to solve completely…

  2. Dave, please consider setting preferences in your blog such that the entire articles appears in the RSS feed.

    • Dave Durant says:

      I did have a keyboard fumble that caused a previous & empty draft to get posted for a few minutes before I managed to delete it. It looks like that showed up in the RepRap aggregator as just a title.

      If you’re not talking about that bogus post, I have no idea which settings I should change..

      • Dave Durant says:

        I think I may have found the setting.

        If I get around to blogging again and it doesn’t do the full post, please come back and yell. Or, if others hate this new setting, you can yell too.. I don’t really care which way it’s set so I’ll bow to the majority.

  3. I think it’s sticker shock that is keeping people from being excited. The Ultimaker is an AWSOME machine, but a good chunk of the RepRap community is picking on the ToM for it’s INSANE $1300 price point (Remember the $750 Cupcake? New for 2011 the $1300 Cupcake!), $1700 is enough to self source 4 RepRap.

    4 RepRap or a Ultimaker…. let me think about that for a bit.

    It’s an awsome machine, just like the Thingomatic, but at that price there are better choices for the new 3d Printer hobbiest.

    • Dave Durant says:

      Yeah.. It’s nearly US$2K with shipping.. Not exactly cheap.

      Then again, my Cupcake Deluxe was nearly US$1K. It had 1/8th the build volume, noisy X/Y steppers, no endstops, a #@^!ing MK4 with a DC extruder and maxes out at around 30-40mm/s before artifacts show up in the prints.

      Compared to prices I’ve paid before, it’s not that bad of a deal.

      > 4 RepRap or a Ultimaker

      Interesting comparison. From my point of view, it’s less than 1/4 the space of 4 RepRaps but prints faster than (or at least the same speed as) 4 RepRaps can. That and I don’t have to spend lots of time sourcing all the bits. Or do any soldering, which I would likely screw up.

      Or, another point of view, similar pricing to an UP! but far better volume, speed and (potentially) build quality. That and you’re not tied to a single food source for it..

  4. Jeff says:

    Dave, any news on this? Did you get your Ultimaker kit?

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