Configuring Skeinforge: Index to Articles..

Table of contents might be a better term. Either way, I’ve got this series of articles about configuring skeinforge so I figure it’d probably be a good idea to have a single article that references the rest.

If you find these articles useful, it’s probably easier to bookmark/favorite/subscribe-to this one instead of keeping track of the individual ones..

Here’s what I’ve got done and what I’m planning. As I finish these things, I’ll update this here post with links to the new articles.

After that comes the long overdue bunny.

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5 Responses to Configuring Skeinforge: Index to Articles..

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  3. Kathy Panzella says:

    Please contact me. I have a business proposal you may be interested in involving the Ultimaker machine. Thanks, KP

    • Dave Durant says:

      Er… This looks like one of the very-many spam comments I get (and I’m sure everybody else gets on their blogs) but there’s no external link and the spam software did let it through. Honestly, I can’t tell if you’re a bot or not, Kathy..

      Got some more details on what you’re looking for?

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