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What to do with old hardware..

Not about Makerbot or Skeinforge stuff.. So, full disclosure, I work at Stratus Technologies. We make high availability and continuous availability servers – servers that are about as rock solid and reliable as you can get. We’ve got software that … Continue reading

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Configuring Skeinforge: The 4 (or 5) Big Settings..

Unlike the previous post which was sortofa mini Skeinforge dictionary, this one is about some parameters you’ll actually find in Skeinforge. This was written with Skeinforge 31 (“10.09.21”) in mind but anything past version 20 or so should be pretty … Continue reading

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Configuring Skeinforge: Some Basic Terms…

I’ve gotten a bunch of questions lately about configuring Skeinforge, the program MakerBot people (and others!) use to take a 3D model and turn it into a gcode file. I’m sure there are others around who are a lot more up … Continue reading

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