MakerBot Industries to acquire new blog czar

Check it out.. Bre at MBI just  blogged this bit of goodness:

I am very excited to announce that MakerBlock will be joining us as a blogger here on the MakerBot blog. You may know MakerBlock from where he’s been posting around 1.5 posts per day for the last year or so. We didn’t just hire him because almost everybody says we should… the guy can actually write and his writing has a great voice and he has been dedicated to sharing his thoughts about MakerBot. Please join me in welcoming him to the MakerBot blog!

MakerBlock is a pretty awesome choice to be the new MBI big blog chesse.. Not only can he write (and write and write and write) but he’s always seemed like a decent sort and, best of all, is a mere 1 comment away from contributing twice *as many comments here as anybody else.

Congrats, MakerBlock!!!

See also:

* and, of course, 2 comments away from having 3 times as many as anybody else..
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2 Responses to MakerBot Industries to acquire new blog czar

  1. MakerBlock says:

    Thanks Dave! I’m super happy to be blogging for MakerBot!

  2. ppirilla says:

    I have nothing more to add, but someone has to make it harder for him to have a near-monopoly on comments!

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