Woohoo!! Back in action!

I’m not even going to whine about all the annoyances and problems I’ve had printing for almost a month now.. I’m back. My MakerBot is printing again. It’s printing for hours straight. I’m happier.

Right now, it’s a bit over 1/2 way through a Rear Breech Loading Printruder II, which I’ve wanted for a while now. This little bit of goodness, assuming I can print it then make it work, will mean the end of the evil idler wheel for me. No more guesswork on tension!! I’m psyched.

Assuming this print finishes okay today, next up will be another upgrade I’ve wanted for a while, the Mendel Inspired Drop-In MakerBot Y Stage, which will hopefully make my ‘bot a lot quieter and give me more stability (and thus resolution?) on my Y axis. Got all the bearings and bolts and magnets – I need to get it printed..

After that.. Well.. After that comes the bunny, which I’ve been itching to take a serious crack at but work and life and that evil idler wheel (and HBP and a smoked hot end and more of the evil idler) have kept me from it. (then maybe a stepper extruder then back to the bunny again)

edit: and, of course, about 3 minutes after I clicked Publish here, things suddenly seem a lot quieter. I can hear the extruder running away, pumping out more plastic, but the platform seems to have stopped moving. I see this in RepG:

[22:03:41] Read timed out.
[22:03:41] Read timed out; trying to resend command.

Nooooooo!! Almost an hour of printing probably ruined.. I give the Z axis a few twists to move it up off the print then change my mind and drop it back down, hoping I’m dropping it down as much as I raised it up. A few seconds later, it wakes up and starts moving again. Hm.. It looks ok.. I’ll give it 5 more minutes to see if it’s obviously screwed up or not.

1:30 to go.. It’s looking pretty good. It stopped right next to a bolt hole (not suprising since there’s a lot of detail in a small area, which is platform stall bait) which may have saved me – there was suprisingly little blobiness there..

0:30 to go.. I’m not clicking publish until it’s done.

Done!! Definitely going to have to drill out that one bolt hole but overall, it looks pretty good! I’m still declaring myself back in action! 🙂

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5 Responses to Woohoo!! Back in action!

  1. makerblock says:

    Dude, I can’t wait to see your high rez print of that bunny.

    • Dave Durant says:

      Don’t get your hopes too high! If you look at the gray one on the Shapeways blog, even they had a little bit of a hard time printing it -look closely at the ears, arms and bottom of the eyes. And they’ve got uberhardware from Stratasys.

      A big part of the problem is that the model is just under 35mm tall so heat is going to play a huge part in getting it to print right. Then there’s those ears… I’ve done a few prints of her already – the body I’m not too worried about but those ears are definitely going to be tough.

      Bowie’s one wascally wabbit.

      • makerblock says:

        I forget who, but someone posted recently about the Skeinforge Cool setting being very helpful with thin prints. Perhaps that would help with the fine detail on this short print?

      • Dave Durant says:

        Hm.. Can’t reply to MakerBlock’s latest comment.. Still figuring out this wordpress stuff…

        Yup, the Cool module of skeinforge is on my list of tricks to pile on, that and an actual fan. I’ve used it before but it’s not something I return to very often – it’s really a module that needs a stepper extruder.

        The ‘slow down’ option in it drops PWM & feed rate down so the layer takes longer to print and this has problems with tiny layers since it drops the PWM below the point where the stock DC motor will work. The ‘orbit’ option is better but adds a lot to the cleanup work, since it moves the printhead away from the object and wanders around a bit. It would probably be better if I tackled oozebane.. (or got a stepper extruder!)

  2. Fred says:

    Good morning,
    Let’s see the bunny…..
    You may want to check the new 3D Printer from BotMill ( http://www.BotMill.com ), a very sleek machine…
    Keep up the good work

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