I hate my idler wheel (and it hates me right back)


I’ve rebuilt my plastruder 6-7 times this weekend. It’s been increasingly jam-happy for a few weeks and degraded to the point where it’d jam in less than an hour.

I figured, hey, I built this thing – I can rebuild it easy! This turned out to be true but I should have wished for “rebuild it and make it reliable” instead of just “rebuild it” because it’s still jam happy.

I’m convinced this is a combination of an evil, sadistic idler wheel that just doesn’t want to behave and the fact that I seem to be out of the large-loop filament. I’ve always printed with filament stock that was wound in a 1.5-2 foot diameter spool – nice big loops. I seem to have run out of that a few weeks ago and now I’m down to stuff that’s wound at more like a 6-8 inch diameter. This seems to make it twist around a lot easier and that’s causing it to jump off the idler.

Last weekend spend debugging HBP problems. This weekend wasted fighting that evil little wheel.. Hasn’t been a good month for printing so far!! 😦

I finally broke down and ordered an aluminum idler wheel off eBay. Heard many good stories about that thing. In particular, it’s got a groove around the edge that will, in theory, keep the filament from jumping off. Hopefully it will be here by next weekend and I can get some printing done.


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