Heads up, teachers! 10 MakerBots being given away!!

If you’re a teacher, a student or know either of the above, you must check this one out. MakerBot Industries is giving away 10 MakerBot kits to teachers!

Are you a teacher that could use a MakerBot? It’s almost time to go back to school and so we’re giving 10 teachers each a MakerBot Cupcake CNC Deluxe Kit with standard MK4 Extruder and a bonus Heated Build Platform kit.

…our criteria for the giveaway will be clarity, innovation, and curriculum integration…

Ok, shop & science teachers, go buy the English teachers a few drinks and ENTER!!

Double awesome is that Rick Pollack over at MakerGear.com is chipping in 10 of his PEEK SuperPack add-ons! I’ve got a lesser version of this operators pack and it’s really one of the best options you can have, if you have a MakerBot. Lots of goodies in there for when things go wrong.

Check out the full MBI blog at: http://blog.makerbot.com/2010/08/09/back-to-school-makerbot-teacher-giveaway/.

edit: Bre from MBI tweeted an important update to this: “Just to be clear, teacher means any teacher can apply. Also, the bot goes to the teacher not the school.”

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2 Responses to Heads up, teachers! 10 MakerBots being given away!!

  1. Rick Pollack says:

    We never heard anything from MBI on the offer to contribute 10 SuperPacks to the teacher giveaway…so we put them back into inventory (but dropped the price!)

    • Dave Durant says:

      That’s a shame, Rick. 😦 I guess I understand – you guys do sorta compete – but those packs would have made nice additions..

      I like the sale idea!! I just smoked a heater core tonight too, so I’m double-tempted. Blackened the wires and everything. After installing an aluminum idler tonight, the thermistor wires somehow came out of their home in the controller without me noticing and I told it to go to 220C then walked away for a few minutes.. Bad idea, apparently.

      Thankfully, I have a fresh 0.35mm hot end I’ve been meaning to get some time in with and that’s on there now. 🙂

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