Is the circle of plastic life closing?

Interesting blog from Bre at today. Apparently, some clever folks at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, are working on a machine that turns plastic milk jugs into HDPE filament..

Reading things like this, I can’t help but picture wanting to print something out with my MakerBot but, instead of feeding in filament, I feed it a milk jug. Or my old cell phone, which was criminally difficult to use. Or any of the finger-shredding thick plastic that mostly anything you buy nowdays comes entoumbed in.

Will we someday get to the Diamond Age, where the waste stream just feeds into vats of nanobots that pick it apart atom by atom and sort it by element? That’d be great – with the way I cook, I could just toss my mistakes into the machine and get a diamond out. Or maybe a new cell phone that doesn’t annoy me. Hm.. Probably not going to happen any time soon.

Anyway, check it out: and the links therein.

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