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Woohoo!! Back in action!

I’m not even going to whine about all the annoyances and problems I’ve had printing for almost a month now.. I’m back. My MakerBot is printing again. It’s printing for hours straight. I’m happier. Advertisements

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I hate my idler wheel (and it hates me right back)

Sigh. I’ve rebuilt my plastruder 6-7 times this weekend. It’s been increasingly jam-happy for a few weeks and degraded to the point where it’d jam in less than an hour. I figured, hey, I built this thing – I can rebuild … Continue reading

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Feeling hot, hot, hot!!

No, not because it’s summer and hot & humid here. Again. Still.. Finally got my MakerBot Heated Build Platform working! Yes, folks, I surface mount soldered. I used a multimeter. I debugged stuff (then begged for help). Damn, I’m good.

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Heads up, teachers! 10 MakerBots being given away!!

If you’re a teacher, a student or know either of the above, you must check this one out. MakerBot Industries is giving away 10 MakerBot kits to teachers! Are you a teacher that could use a MakerBot? It’s almost time to go back … Continue reading

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Does your PC know what you’re thinking? Would you like it to??

Check out this video at I tried to embed it here but couldn’t figure out the right incantation. Here’s the exec summary from TED: Tan Le’s astonishing new computer interface reads its user’s brainwaves, making it possible to control … Continue reading

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Is the circle of plastic life closing?

Interesting blog from Bre at today. Apparently, some clever folks at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, are working on a machine that turns plastic milk jugs into HDPE filament.. Reading things like this, I can’t help but picture wanting … Continue reading

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